My take on BALANCE


Some of you may already know while reading this, that this second pregnancy is no joke.  Being blessed with this rainbow baby was a miracle in itself, but having our rainbow baby enter the world so early and the series of events that took place, and nothing less then a miracle, and proof that these sort of things don’t just happen and this little boy is going to move mountains. He already is.

My purpose is to connect with real mamas, doing their best to be healthy and inspire others while they balance and hustle their daily life and own successful businesses and the importance of REAL balance vs. the “social scene Balance” , what I like to call it anyways.  Empowering each other, protecting one another, and being there for each other no matter how damn different their journey is to yours. Most importantly, inspiring and connecting with other mothers who have felt loss, fought the fight in the NICU, journey pregnancy with significant injuries, hearing the words “you can’t” to only prove them wrong, and to know that YOU WILL ALWAYS BE OK! No one person in this world has a worse story than you. No matter what instagram or other social media platforms say. Do not for one second spend your precious time comparing yourself to others because of the small little boxes beneath a platform of a few thousand followers who don’t know their followers first name. WE ALL FIGHT A FIGHT ON THE DAILY! big or small, we are our own battlefield and how we protect ourselves and build ourselves back up is key.  You will always shine.  You will always be an incredible human being! You will always be YOU, because YOU will not let defeat weaken you permanently and God made you YOU!

Clearly what we see on social media is not always what you get in real life.  I know I’m not alone here guys. Its easy to beautify a picture these days and just write words and brainwash followers into believing your someone of great value, but in some cases really your just a dishonest, insecure individual that fears too much to strive for real greatness, and works to little at trying to be better.  Yes there are so many AMAZING inspiring accounts out there.  But the fact we have to question is the sad part.

Social media has totally changed the real meaning of balance. Let me rephrase that, the way so many people use social media has brainwashed so many others of the true meaning of balance.

News flash- No one balance will be the same for you or I. Every single one of us mamas, will more likely require a different balance. Our careers, our daily chores, our current living situation, finances, you get the drift. Just like how we find our balance and the routine that works best for us, comes what should the priority of the balancing act be. The answer should be YOU! You are the empire of your journey! you do not need to be a successful reward winning author, or olympic gold medalist to have an empire. Your empire is what YOU have created and should be something ultimately you love and can call your own. What sets YOU apart from the crowd. Your empire is your journey and all that you have done to get there.  It can be that you decided to start a new goal to lose weight this month, you started a small biz making and selling puppy collars, became a chicken farmer, a fancy chef in Manhattan or an inspiring yoga teacher. Your empire is YOUR identity! So before one can balance you’re little people’s life, it is important that YOU know YOU need to put yourself first.  In doing so, you need your empire.

I know I know, the eye roll I get it, “how do I put myself first when these little people require attention and our assistance 24/7” Guess what, that is not going to change for a while. So we either sit on the side pitting ourselves or we get up and do something about it. Long after a while well after your grown children go off to college and still come back or need your help. So why not start now for YOU, find what works, make it happen and know that it will change, its going to be not so great, its going to be amazing, and some days you will pray to not relive. BUT, that is life and its going to keep happening and you dont have to be ok with it. You can get upset and do what YOU need to do to get past that situation.  But give yourself 5 minuets.  THAT’S IT! Move on and do your bass self. When you act, is this a healthy action or one that will turn around and bite you in the ass. Lets just say I have had the ass biting a few to many times to think about my actions now when I go through a hormonal rage or want to lose it when Gavin throws a cup of ice across the living room on my white couch or Bodhi decides to scream as loud as possible for three hours straight because he forgot how to close his eyes and SLEEP. Goodness he may be the loudest crier on the face of the planet.  So I’m here to say, its ok to feel weak, to feel vulnerable, to feel extremely defeated and to feel unloved at times.  Yes guys, these feels are normal.  They show us we are still alive and breathing.  Our ticker is ticking and our soul is still on fire. We can feel all of this, but how long will you let it affect you?  How long will you let it waste beautiful hours of the day that you will never relive again?  Find tricks that work for you.  For me, I go to the bathroom turn the water on and the shower and close my eyes and pretend I’m somewhere else.  I know, it sounds crazy but its what I found worked for me when I battled my first round of postpartum.  Yes, twice it haunted me.  And twice I have learned more about what I’m capable of as long as I’m capable of accepting i am strong and beautiful and worthy FIRST!



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