Help helped me

For all the amazing, strong, beautiful, and bad ass mammas, YOU are strong and YOU WILL conquer motherhood.  You don’t have to do it alone, and its 100% ok to get help.  Talk to the r right professionals, get on medication, whatever gets you back to being you and living this life as you deserve so you can be the best mom.  Medication did not change me, make me feel like someone else, or make me feel weird EVER.  It helped me calm my nerves, relax enough, and with that reset myself to get back to who I was before postpartum hit me. I was a stronger me and a me I am proud of.

We are each other’s brick, shoulder to cry on and bro bean for life, but somehow we fight hard to keep it together on our own because we all are fighting the same fight in life. A fight that is so incredibly rewarding yet so hard. A fight we can’t understand when it shouldn’t feel like a fight at all. A fight that looks almost like a fairytale most of the time.  I have been hit by postpartum depression out of no where twice and twice it started defeating me before I did something about it, because twice, I thought I could do it alone! Twice I got help, twice it helped me from losing myself,  and twice I wasn’t ashamed. I will never be afraid to admit I needed help and help helped me in big ways.